Never Again Rwanda implements its activities through the approaches below:



With major focus on psychosocial education which addresses one’s psychological development and interaction with the environment, peace education a component that brings together youth from various backgrounds to learn and share experiences on peace and conflict resolution with the aim of promoting sustainable development


Participatory theatre

This is an approach that majority of the youth identify with. Since this approach was introduced to some of NAR’s beneficiaries, it has had a multiplier effect. Through performances of various drama that focus on issues facing our society youth have been motivated to share their experiences since they identify with most of those issues. However the performances don’t only showcase issues in the society, solutions are proposed as well.



In order for NAR to reach a wider population and have a sustainable impact among the beneficiaries we serve, there needs to be partnerships between NAR and there Peacebuilding organizations as well micro financing organizations in order to tackle poverty, unemployment (through trainings on small scale businesses) and economic dependency. In addition NAR could work on projects under NAR but implemented by other organizations; however this can only be possible if NAR has strong systems especially M&E.




Education through cinema an approach that has successfully been implemented among the beneficiaries of the promotion of civic participation and Peacebuilding project to trigger discussions on various Peace related topics/themes. This approach will be used for schooling youth from the spaces of the societal healing program.



Psychosocial support groups

These groups are normally established to deal with psychological wounds and rebuild relationships that were previously destroyed. By supporting and establishment of new groups NAR has provided youth and community members with a safe space to share and discuss about their wounds.



Knowledge sharing and learning

Since NAR staff attend/participate in different trainings/fellowships of which they gain experience in various fields, sessions to share the knowledge and experience learnt will be an added advantage to the team. In addition youth can also be encouraged to share their learning experiences with their fellow clubs/association members especially those who attend national conferences and various youth discussions. Further discussions will be held by management on when these sessions will be effective.




This approach is a cross cutting approach among NAR’s current programs. It brings together youth to discuss and share their ideas on topics/themes related to various issues such as healing, unemployment, education, and development. Through this approach youth are able to think critically and come up with effective ways on how to overcome some of these issues. Through citizen forums community members are also provided with the opportunity to discuss various governance issues that hinder development.