Never Again Rwanda aims to provide an understanding of the peace building process and sharing this with the rest of the world

Societal Healing in Rwanda: Mapping Actors and approaches


In preparation for the implementation of the Societal Healing aspect of the programme, NAR conducted a country-wide mapping exercise of healing, reconciliation and peace building actors and their approaches, which is documented in this report. This report intends to serve as a resource for prac oners in the field of healing; it aims to provide an understanding of the type of work being done in this domain, including challenges and lessons learned from Rwanda and other countries.  

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Governing with and for Citizens : Lessons from a post-genocide Rwanda


NAR’s research relies primarily in par cipatory ac on approach (PAR). This approach considers par cipants as experts and co-researchers, due to their lived experiences related to the research theme. Concerned communi es are involved in iden fying, analyzing and sugges ng solu ons to challenges they face. 

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