Peace Building Institute

Each year, Never Again Rwanda hosts a two-week Peace-Building Institute that brings International, regional and local university students together in Rwanda. Participants discuss the question, “What can Rwanda teach the world?”

Through readings of a shared set of texts, site visits, lectures and group discussions, participants explore themes of genocide, transitional justice, good governance & development and learn skills as global citizens in cross-cultural dialogue, critical thinking, analysis of complex issues and problem solving.

Youth visit Rwandan Parliament
Participants visit Rwandan Parliament during 2014-2015 PBI in January.

Never Again Rwanda is currently looking for open-minded and intellectually curious university students interested in the challenges of human rights and post-conflict environments to apply for its 2015 Peace-Building Institute, running from May 15 to May 30, 2015. The Peace-Building Institute will provide a stimulating and immersive learning environment where active group discussions are supplemented with site visits and guest speakers. This will provide the participants with an unforgettable educational experience.

Apply now for this amazing opportunity!
The deadline for the Summer 2015 applications is March 27, 2015.

Please ensure you read this document first.
Then, click here to download the application form

Applications must be sent to by March 27, 2015. We will notify successful and unsuccessful applicants by April 3, 2015.

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16 thoughts on “Peace Building Institute”

  1. I would like to ask whether we can see the last event of Human Rights Day that held at Spot View Hotel. where are photos and videos?

  2. am from institute of rural development planning of Dodoma Tanzania…am taking bachelor degree of urban development and environmental management..a second year student.. I want to join this great event in order to contribute to the means that can ensure the peace sustainability in Rwanda and whole over the world.. please give me a chance to make a better world for all people in this world. it is my hope that my request will be considered..God bless u

    1. Thank you for your interest in our Peace Building Institute! You are more than welcome to apply for our 2015 PBI. Please download the form available on this page and follow the instructions carefully to submit your application. And remember, the deadline is March 27.

    1. Please download the application form – all the instructions, including required documents, can be found there.

  3. I have unsuccessfully applied twice. This is going t be my third application. I hope I succeed this time. I wonder what the judges look for…

    1. Hi Adem,

      Thank you for your persistence! The PBI application process is highly competitive and it really depends on the pool of applicants that we receive for a given PBI session. The admission panel considers applicants’ field of study, references, relevant experience, and their answers to the questions in the application. If you require further information, please feel free to email with your questions/concerns.

      Good luck this time, and all the best!

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