This pillar aims at engaging citizens in general but with a particular focus on the youth, in decision-making processes within their communities to foster a just and democratic society. The activities in this pillar include empowering citizens to act as advocates for their own change,

 Citizen Forums:

NAR arranges permanent spaces where local populations gather every month to discuss, debate, evaluate and propose solutions for issues related to governance and to communicate their ideas with decision-makers.

International and National Civil Society Partnerships:

NAR cooperates with other civil society organizations working in governance and/or peacebuilding to align advocacy strategies.

Civil Society Organizations:

NAR is a member of Joint Action Development Forums (JADFs), which includes CSOs, the private sector, religious organizations and district administrations to build development frameworks for districts in Rwanda.

District and National Advocacy Committees:

These committees serve as a platform to discuss pressing governance issues and develop ways to work together toaddressthese issues at both the district and national level.
Dialogue between Youth and Parliamentarians: NAR hosts an annual dialogue that empowers youth to communicate their concerns and views to the country’s parliamentarians, and solve issues through legislation processes.

National Stakeholders Meetings: Annual meetings are held with stakeholders in Rwandan governance to discuss experiences, challenges and lessons learned.

International Conference on Governance:

This annual conference brings together academics and practitioners to discuss their country’s experience in governance in order to draw lessons from one another.