Never Again Rwanda to host international conference on healing and social cohesion from 10-11, 2016 at Marriott Hotel Kigali.

KIGALI: – October 31, 2016 Never Again Rwanda (NAR), a local Peacebuilding and Social Justice organization is set to host an international conference on healing and social cohesion under the theme “Understanding Reconciliation Experiences in Post-Genocide and extreme violence Societies.”

The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform to deliberate on the issues of healing and reconciliation practices based on different experiences from various countries that suffered from Genocide and extreme violence.

The research carried out in Rwanda on mental and physical health 18 years after Genocide against the Tutsi suggests that PTSD in the general Rwandan population stood at 26.1 percent and depression at 54 percent (Munyandamutsa 2012).

The Rwanda Reconciliation Barometer (RRB) of 2015 revealed that 4.6% percent of respondents said that, post-Genocide wounds have not healed fully which is a key challenge to the reconciliation process. “The conference will bring different specialists in the field of trauma healing and social cohesion to provide insights and share lessons on different approaches to trauma healing in post-Genocide and post-extreme-violence societies,” said Dr. Joseph Nkurunziza, the Country Director of Never Again Rwanda.

The discussions at the conference will reflect on key important areas that relate to healing after extreme violence such as resilience, memory, justice frameworks and intergenerational trauma among others. The two days conference will be a starting point to create a network of practitioners, researchers and at national, regional and global level and increase general awareness on healing approaches to address traumatic effects of extreme violence.

This international conference is set to attract over 150 participants from different parts of the world including Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Belgium, USA, Germany, and Great Lakes. Participants expected to attend the conference include peace-building researchers, healing practitioners from civil society and government institutions in Rwanda and the region as well as policy makers, media and religious institutions.

The conference is also organized as part of NAR’s four-year program on ‘Societal Healing and Participatory Governance for Peace in Rwanda’, which Interpeace and NAR are already jointly implementing to support government initiatives to contribute to the consolidation of peace and reconciliation in the country.

The goal of this program is to transform community members and youth into peace actors that are able to deal with conflict through non-violent mechanisms especially through dialogue. This program also aims to create spaces for peace that facilitate youth and community members to discuss their sensitive past to start a healing process,” said Dr. Joseph Nkurunziza

NAR is a peace building and social justice organization that arose in response to the 1994 Genocide perpetrated against Tutsi. Guided by a vision of a nation where citizens are agents of positive change and work together towards sustainable peace and development. NAR aims to empower Rwandans with opportunities to become active citizens through ‘Peacebuilding’ and ‘sustainable Development’. NAR places a particular emphasis on the youth as the future of a peaceful society. NAR is one of the leading national peacebuilding organizations with nearly 13 years of experience building a cornerstone for peace.

Media contact/Information before and during the Conference:

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Communications & Media,

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