An inside look into Isoko Performing Arts

How did you get involved in Isoko performing arts?

The first time I heard about Isoko performing arts, was through a friend  who is actually the founder. Amina was my high school friend we had met in acting club at school. They had a performance and she invited me to join them during practice, where I was given a role in which I performed well. I then joined them after that performance.

How long has Isoko performing arts been active?

Isoko performing arts started midway through 2016, although the founder developed the idea earlier on and had already mobilized youth with talent to join.  Within one year of service, now Isoko performing arts has empowered youth to be peace ambassadors in their communities through art.

What role does Isoko performing arts theatre play in promoting conflict resolution and peace building?

Isoko performing arts uses art as a tool of communication to raise sensitive issue to be discussed. We see theatre as an easy way to communicate on sensitive issues. By drawing inspiration from what happens in our communities, we encourage youth to discuss these sensitive topics, and find solutions that will build sustainable peace in their societies.

How can youth get involved?

Well doors are open for the youth who feel they are passionate about the arts, and want to spread a message of peace. Outside Isoko performing arts, youth can join other networks for discussion and participate in spreading the message of peace and contribute to the change they want to see in their communities.


What advice would you give to the youth?

I encourage the youth to use their talents in a positive way in order to make positive changes in their communities. As it is said, youth are the future, it means as the youth we have to do something today, so that we can be the future. Last but not the least I would emphasize that the youth should use its energy to build not to destroy.