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Ahead of the 2018 Regional PBI, NAR Communications Intern Alexander Rijpma sat down with the PBI coordinator, Debby Karemera, to discuss new additions to this year's program, the PBI's continued emphasis on critical thinking and home-grown solutions and what participants can expect to take away from this unique and enriching experience.

NAR's very own Research Consultant, Noel Ntahobari, explains the limitations of the local Imihigo process (particularly in terms of low citizen participation) and how Never Again Rwanda as an organization can best position and prepare itself to tackle the issues inherent within these limitations.

Here are a couple of diffrent success stories from a diversity of participants from NAR's Citizen Forums, from Karongi. PLEASE NOTE that in order to protect the identity of the contributors only first names have been used.

An in-depth look by Never Again Rwanda's Great Lakes Program Coordinator, Reverien Interayamahanga, on the implementation of the 'Trans-border dialogue for peace in the Great Lakes Region' programme as well as its major activities during the year of 2017.

Citizen participation is essential not only in the case for governance programs, but more generally in the maintenance of democracy in Rwanda and in general. Never Again Rwanda's Governance & Rights Program Officer, Paul Muhozi, delves deeper into the topic of citizen participation through forums.

NAR Program Officer Omar Ndizeye on how involving Rwandan youth in artistic forms of expression can inspire future generations to continue to promote a hopeful, peaceful society.


INTERVIEW: While NAR recorded a number of successes in 2017, it also envisages a more interesting future. Alexander Rijpma talked to NAR's Program's Director ERIC MAHORO who reviewed that past year and talked about an exciting 2018 ahead.

By Peter Ndahiro
Last year (2017)'s commemoration of the International Day of Human Rights by Never Again Rwanda, came under an anniversary that made it unique to all those that had come before it.

By Peter Ndahiro

The Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO) and HIVOS are implementing a project on “Community action to prevent and manage conflicts and human rights violation in the Rwenzori region in Uganda”.

By Peter Ndahiro

Working in the creation of A/V (Audio Visual) materials requires a lot of observation. In this particular field, this means listening to personal testimonies from the wounded, whether it be a group of kids at a high school in Kigali, or a group of mothers at a community centre in Rwamagana.

By Alex Rijpma

For the past three years, I studied World Politics at Leiden University College in The Hague. I came out of that experience unsure of what exactly I wanted to do but feeling like I wanted to see how the topics that I learnt about could really be applied in society. I found an opportunity to pursue this instinct through an internship at Never Again Rwanda.


By Florence Batoni

Community exchange is one of NAR’s platforms where members of spaces for peace who are undergoing trauma healing meet with community members.