Debby Karemera

Promoting peace through commemoration

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By Debby Keremera

It has been twenty three years since the 1994 genocide perpetrated against the Tutsis occurred but too many it seems like yesterday. It required tremendous efforts to restore hope, trust, unity and peace among Rwandans considering the atrocities they witnessed and lived through within one hundred days. At the time those who executed the genocide did not take into consideration the long term effects of their actions which have continued to affect the younger generation today.

NAR’s ‘Peace Building Institute’ at a glance

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Rwanda’s horrific past, her recovery process and cross-cultural exchange is the main focus of the Peacebuilding Institute under the theme “what can Rwanda teach the world”. During the 1994 genocide perpetrated against the Tutsis youth were manipulated into committing crimes against humanity by taking part in the extermination of innocent lives. Today youth are considered as the largest population across the globe and are key contributors of social change.