Bonny Mukombozi

NAR’s intervention in pursuit of participatory governance

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Some of the core values of a post conflict governance model, are participation; collaboration, and ultimately empowerment of citizens. None of these is a one-size fits all, but rather a careful blend or an imposed formula which will provide better results.

Never Again Rwanda’s intervention has been tailored around a participatory approach, where through dialogue we are able to reach a consensus where everybody’s views are respected. It is one way to own what we do but also to see that in building our future, we leave none behind.


NAR’s citizen forums unlocking fears, encouraging participatory dialogue

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Never Again Rwanda has recognized the fact that citizens are yearning for a platform to air their views, and has responded by establishing 10 Citizen Forums in 10 districts of the country.

When you compare many post conflict developing countries, Rwanda’s remarkable recovery shows connection between healing, unity and reconciliation.

Most news reports in the past focused on one thing: the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.  Its true, the Genocide left many devastating effects.